So I think this is how I’m going to utilize this blog, for a bit anyways. A free write, for those of you interested in what being a writer is all about, consists of a blank sheet of paper and pen, and writing for ten minutes. Anything and everything– it’s not a story, it doesn’t need to make sense. It’s thoughts, ideas, concerns, or whatever you want to write.

In fact, all I’m doing is documenting a single,  relatively unknown author’s attempt to pick up writing after a hiatus. I don’t know how long this will last– or how successful it will be. I’ve been published, and authored my own book with some fantastic help from people all around the world.

For those wondering, I do not type directly into this blog. I write by hand, and without going back or changing anything, I’m going to try and accurately depict what went on in my mind for ten minutes of my day.


December 8th, 2010.

The Dog Prince . (?)

Survival. A hero not defined by strength or intellect but endurance.  To weather any storm– most importantly, the ones you can’t train for. Battle is predicated on planned aggression.

Unresolved conflict is what moves without straddling the linear path. No, conflict that will not be resolved. Difference?

Every story contains elements of romance. Rid yourself of romance to show the other aspects of humanity. Like accountability. And the excuses we make to avoid it.

How many lead roles.

“Give me satisfaction.”
“Earn it.”   <—- That is the battle. For self respect.

Books line the walls that I have read. Famous titles. Covered in dust. Why are the ones that matter on the floor, used.

The writer feels his chest tighten. This feeling of self-importance seems so fake. But its here. the ability to share your story without accolades. Or shame.

Fear that it won’t matter.