“Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won’t help.”
– Calvin ; Calvin & Hobbes.


An old teacher mentioned to me that she desired to use my blog to help teach her students– however, it would help if I updated again. It’s been almost a year– and how things have changed. Some senseless updates:

– Picked up a double major — no, not English, but rather a Bachelor of Science in Business Management to pair with a B.S. in Legal Studies in Business.

– Last May, I successfully conducted my first official creative writing seminar to great success. I am questioning every time I complained to a teacher to finish grading my papers quicker.

– I’m down to my last three semesters at Tulane University down in New Orleans before I commission as an Officer into the Navy.

– And most importantly, my hiatus from writing is rapidly approaching its end.

– I am thoroughly shocked, though pleasantly surprised, that despite not updating in year, I’ve averaged a pretty nifty amount of views a month since.


Dangerous Inspiration:

Oddly enough, I channeled my inner 10th grader and bought the recently released My Chemical Romance album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Kill Joys.

No regrets, none whatsoever. I wish I could write that some deep, impressionable eureka moment arrived from listening to this album– but rather, it’s invigorating. I draw no direct topics to write of, but the energy to write again.

Does that make sense?


The Dog Prince?
And for almost 18 months now– the phrase, “The Dog Prince” has stuck with me. It pervades almost everything I’ve tried to write. Someone help makes sense of it for me.
I’ve tried:
– A fantasy story of  a Prince shamed to peasantry because of his bloodline of traitors to the current crown
– A modern story of a father finding out that his six year old son is not actually his son; with his son having no idea and his wife in the process of divorcing him, he has to ask to what he owes this boy– the relationship of  a boy with a father but a man with no son.
– And a few others…