The test of any good fiction is that
you should care something for the characters;
the good to succeed, the bad to fail.
The trouble with most fiction is that
you want them all to land in hell, together,
as quickly as possible.
~Mark Twain


It’s been a while hasn’t it? The bi-daily blog is rapidly becoming a weekly blog as things pick up around me. It’s been a busy week— just about everything that could’ve happened did. Several times. However, now that I’ve got a few moments to spare:

I’ll do what I can to keep my readers in the loop.

In my slumber away from the blog, I’ve pretty much finalized the cover art to submit to the publisher. If you haven’t seen it then please check it out and tell me what you think.

Cover Design

Just for the record, I want to thank again Khaila Sun and Samantha Thayer— the two honestly amazing photographers whose passion for the camera paid off huge for me.

Also, Mehdi Vasigh and Andriana Genualdi acted as my media design experts who polished up the final project, offering me advice on the initial design.

Finally, another step closer to finishing the book. I’m still trying for the anticipated book release date to be in or  around the dates: August/September 2009.

Its coming soon, isn’t it? I suppose it’ll really hit me then.

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Part II Writing Project:

When I asked you last time what you saw in the picture, some responses I got where:

The Trees

Light beyond the Trees

Mindset of the Viewer

These are all outstanding selections— each of you who responded avoided the obvious and pushed beyond the simple measure of detailing what you saw in the picture. Believe it or not, that’s a step most people miss.

Too many tell a story with a barrage of facts and one sentence descriptions. That’s a summary, not a story. But it is still just the first step; you’ve started to think like a writer… now you must write plan like a writer. No one just sits down and writes a story.

Art 1

Since we’ve got to start somewhere, it’ll begin with a character. A musician. (What? Wasn’t I suppose to be the one writing about a musician? Okay maybe I’m manipulating you guys into inspiring me for my own story) Regardless, it’s one of the most interesting portrait shots I have in my collection right now.

So we’ve got benches in the dark. A glow behind the hills. A some trees. And now a guy with a guitar.

What’s his name? Will it be simple? Eloquent? Irrelevant, because you won’t give him a name? It’s time to decide.

If you stop by and read this, drop a few lines telling me what you’d have a guy like this doing at a place like that. Is he your friend, a stranger, or someone you thought you once knew? Does he laugh, or is he quiet? Are you looking at him… or do you notice him looking at you?

There are about a thousand details you could write about. But only a handful are important. What do you think the reader cares about most about someone they’ve never met?

How can you make the two be more than strangers?
Next week, I’ll remark about what thoughts you guys submit. Also, I’ll introduce the next character in our little writing project.

As promised! A bit of what I’ve been up to:

Fingertips rubbed raw and ached no more than the ever shrinking space within his chest, they moved in a flurry of rushed— of calculated— movement. Familiar vibrations shook his body, hypnotic but not seductive enough; he could feel the minutes stretch by and separate into lifetimes. Cycles of birth, love, anguish, and laughter over and again, time passed with no peace, no war, just movement from one emotion to the next.”

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