Be obscure clearly
~E.B. White


I can’t listen to a good song while I’m writing, for too often I find myself transcribing its lyrics rather than thinking of my own. Irrelevant fact number one for the blog— let’s see how many more I get can get out to you.

As the readers of the last blog can attest, I’ve put out a rough design on the cover of my book. So far its just the general idea, so if any of my darling readers care to push their two cents across the bar to me, I’ll appreciate it. So far some of the feedback I’ve gotten has really got me thinking, so remember: if you speak, you will be heard

Interestingly enough, I’ve started writing a new story! And I’ve got to admit, I’m liking where its heading. I’ve come to a crossroads: I can either post the story online after the Easter weekend, or I can offer and excerpt of the story, a taste, and see if there is enough time to polish it to be in the book. I’m finishing up the final draft right now so there is a small window of my to edit as I choose… Its you guys’ chance to make a difference in my first publication! So leave me some feedback telling me to do one or the other!

One of the most difficult questions I get asked is, how do you write? Besides the obvious answer: “I went to elementary school,” there is a lot that goes into the process. I’ve never had the patience to be a novelist, despite the urgings of many of my teachers, and to create an instance that is a short story is hard enough.

So, to help connect with all you underground writers (like myself) out, I’m going to try this out. I want you to look at the picture and tell me what is the most important thing to write about. What do you see? What did you want to see? Look past the benches and did you even notice the moon between the trees? Or is it a cleverly disguised street light. Is that the sun rising in the horizon, or some late night insomniac sitting alone in his chair?

One of the most important things writers fail to remember is: inspiration is not complete. I do not write a story because I grasped an entire scenario at once. Take the story I’m writing now for example:

“He was fury.”

That was what I started with, one sentence inspired by one man. I didn’t know where it was going to lead me, but I was excited to find out. I’m building an entire story around three words. Why? Because I saw the picture and did not stop at the empty benches.

I wondered what shined so bright beyond it that I could see the benches in the first place.

( p.s. I look forward to reading what you see of the picture. )


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AD2.jpg picture by SnooterdawgSo far the best way I can spread word about my work and get more people involved with this is through my readers, meaning you all!

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